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Computer Literacy

Excel Terms Lesson 2

Excel Terms Lesson 2


Formula- An instruction Excel uses to calculate a number.


Mathematical Operations- Symbols used in mathematical operations: + for addition, - for subtraction, * for multiplication, / for division, and ^ for exponentiation


Order of Operation- The order in which Excel performs the calculations specified in a formula.


Macro- A small recorded program created in Excels Visual Basic programming language to automate repetitive actions.


Virus- A computer program that can infect other files when loaded into the computers memory.


Range- A block of cells in an Excel worksheet.


Contiguous Range- A block of adjacent cells in a worksheet.


Noncontiguous range- A block of cells in a worksheet that are not necessarily adjacent to each other


Format- To apply attributes to cell data to change the appearance of the worksheet.


Percentage Format- A style that displays decimal numbers as a percentage.


Font- The typeface or design of the text.


Font size- The measurement of the typeface in points (1/72) of an inch


Comma Format- A style that displays numbers with a thousands separator (,)


Currency Format- A style that displays dollar signs ($) immediately preceding the number and includes a thousands separator (,)


Accounting Format- A style that vertically aligns with dollar signs ($), thousands separators (,) and decimal points.


Relative call Reference- A cell that addresses referenced in a copied formula that changes based on the new formula location


Auto Fill A method used to copy data from a cell or range of cells to an adjacent cell or range of cells by dragging the fill handle


Fill Handle- The small square located in the lower right corner of the active cell


Absolute cell reference- A cell address referenced in a copied formula that does not change based on the new formula location.


Print Preview- The command used to display a worksheet and see how it will look when it is printed.


HTML- Hypertext Markup language, used to publish information on the World Wide Web


World Wide Web- A network of computers located in businesses, research foundations, schools, and homes that allows users to share and search for information.


Web Page- Information published on the World Wide Web, which can include text, graphics, and links to other pages


Web Browser Software that enables you to view Web Sites on the internet.

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