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Paula's Plantscape
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Congratulations! You are now working for a company called Paula's Plantscape. Mrs. Ley is your supervisor. Your co-workers are your fellow classmates. Your paycheck is your report card. Your bonuses are stickers. Read pages vi-viii to find out more about what you will be doing, the company, job objectives and requirements, and general instructions for finishing the tasks.

This simulation is made up of 56 tasks broken into daily jobs. To help you become more familiar as to what these tasks are and to what each day's tasks will include, please look at the contents pages on pgs. ii-v. I would also suggest that you tab off the reference sources in the back of your book for easy reference, as you will be using it often.

You will have four (4) days to complete each day's tasks. On Friday you will be given a test over your completed work. These tests are open book and require you to attach some of your completed work to them.

LATE work will not be accepted. This is a job!
You have specific responsibilities and deadlines. Tasks must be completed ON TIME. Be sure to plan your time wisely. It is up to you to determine how many tasks you must accomplish each day in order to meet the timelines outlined above.

If you have any question, please see your supervisor.

Good luck and have fun on the job.

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