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Human Relations
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Human Relations for Career Success


Chapter 1 – Understanding Human Relations


Check Your Understanding P. 10

1-1 Learning about Each Other

1-2 Brainstorming Your Concerns

1-3 Human Relations with Other Students

1-4 Why People Get Fired!


Chapter 2 – Customer Focus


Check Your Understanding P. 27 & 34

2-1 Great Moments in Customer Service

2-2 Moments of Truth

2-3 Is the Customer Always Right?

2-4 Who Are They?

2-5 The Card File

Skip 2-6 & 2-7


Chapter 3 – Teamwork


Answer the question on pages 58 & 68 at the time you do Check Your Understanding on Pages 65 and 72

3-1 Identifying Written and Unwritten Rules

3-2 Cross-Cultural Business Practices

3-3 Identifying Written and Unwritten Rules

Skip 3-4

3-5 Grip List

3-6 Getting Ahead While Getting Along

Skip 3-7


Chapter 4- Organizational Effectiveness


Answer the questions on pages 93, 102, & 103 while doing the Check Your Understanding on Pages 97 and 104.

4-1 Interviewing An Employer

Skip 4-2

4-3 Life Is Not Fair

4-4 Dealing with Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez-Faire Employers

4-5 What Leadership Style Would You Choose?

Skip 4-6


Chapter 5 – Interpersonal Communication


Answer the questions on pages 119 & 127 - 129 when doing the Check Your Understanding sections on pages 125 and 139.

5-1 Understanding the Definition of Communication

5-2 Meanings Are In People, Not In Words

5-3 What Allness Is (Group Activity)

5-4 Listening for Emotionally Loaded Words. (This is extra credit for two student volunteers)

Skip 5-5

5-6 The Wrong Time to Complain

5-7 Choosing Alternatives to Sexist Language


Chapter 6 – Self-Development


Answer the questions on page 160, 162, & 165 when doing the Check Your Understanding sections on pages 163 & 172.

6-1 Riddle of the Sphinx

6-2 Methods of Revealing Your Many Selves

6-3 The Johari Window (Will take most of a class period)  Teacher will give scoring words after you have completed the four worksheets.  Each word receives 5 points.  The maximum point value for each column is 50 points. 

6-4 Discussion of the Johari Window

6-5 Brain Orientation Questionnaire

6-6 Lookout Mountain

6-7 Group Dilemma (Team up in groups of five to discuss the problem given.  After your group has decided on a strategy, individually complete the “I Learned” Statements given in your book.)

6-8 Values Past, Present, and Future

            Part 1:  Do On Your Own

            Part 2:  Possible Answers:

  1. 500 Years ago:
    1. Kings, military leaders, and tribal chiefs were typical governments in 1500 A.D.
    2. Most jobs were unskilled labor.  Some skilled were stone masons, carpenters, and shipbuilders.  Knowledge of agriculture was probably most important
    3. Technology was “low tech.” Tools were in hammer-and chisel category.
    4. Average life span was 35 to a40 years.  Disease, wars, and famine took heavy tolls on people.
  2. 500 years ahead:  (These are of course, pure guesses.  Here are some to help get you started.)
    1. Many unskilled labor jobs are available on other planets, but few here on earth.
    2. People seek personal space.  It is very crowded on earth.
    3. In about 150 years, replaceable parts are readily available except for the brain.
    4. Life expectancy will be 250 years of age.

Part 3:  Now, discuss the past and future answers with 2-3 of your fellow classmates and then rank the ten values in order from 10-1.  (Ten being the most important.) 


Chapter 7 – Becoming a High Achiever


Answer the questions on page 195 when you complete the Check Your Understanding sections on pages 202. 

Write your own Mission Statement

7-1 Recognizing Strengths (Set it up like a business letter, using my example from my web page.)

7-2 Eliminating Fear

7-3 The Stress Scale

7-4    The Trust Walk (You will need a blindfold.  You’ll be walking your partner through an obstacle course that you both agree on—with prior permission from Mrs. Ley)

7-5    Taking Risks

7-6    Life Lines

7-7    Priorities and Trade-Offs

7-8    Gold in Goals – Your goals should be in alignment with your Mission Statement.


Your grade will be based upon the above assignments/activities, as well as a chapter test over each section. 


All work must be done in your own penmanship.  No computer generated responses will be accepted.  DO NOT WRITE IN BOOKS!