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Online Survey

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"A gathering of a sample of data or opinions considered to be representative of a whole."

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Have you ever participated in a survey?


How about an online survey?

What are surveys used for? How might you use a survey?


What educational purposes could a survey have?


Using a free Internet tool, we will build an Internet-based survey, and work through answering all of these questions.


Let's get started!




View the following video and surf these web sites to learn more about using Internet-based surveys.



Surveys  [4:46]



Tour of Zoomerang Online Survey Tool

Qualities of a Good Question

How to write a good survey

10 things to look for in a good survey

1)    Using Zoomerang, create a user account.  Sign up for the “Basic (free)” account.

2)     Go to and click on “Mrs. Ley’s Survey” and complete it. 

3)    Build a survey.  

4)    Administer your survey.  

5)    Collect the results.

6)     Send your survey to Mrs. Ley at

7)     Now close your eyes and remember how easy, handy and informative a survey can be. Keep that picture in your head for future reference.  

You may want to use a survey to help you with an upcoming school project or to use within a school team or committee.  Examples:  Prom theme, class song,  favorite school lunch, etc.

Collecting the opinions and thoughts of others can be very valuable and effective, especially in the planning process!

Have fun!