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Advanced Computer Literacy
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Advanced Computer Applications/Internet/Webpage Design

Advanced Computer Applications/Internet/Webpage Design

Duration:  One Semester

Prerequisite:  Computer Literacy


          Students will enhance current knowledge in Windows, Word, Publisher, Access, Excel, Paint, and PowerPoint.  The Internet will be explored with emphasis on understanding etiquette, E-mail, and searching.  Students will be given an opportunity to develop and maintain their websites using hypertext mark-up language and prepare presentations.


*Be thinking about what kind of business you would like to own.  What would you call it.  You will be designing your own company logo and websites.



WEEK 1 - Word

Writing Around the Room (Word Processing Activity)

Drawing Activity

Test over Drawing Activity

Create a Letter and Memo

Comic Strip Assignment


WEEK 2 & 3 - Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Grocery Shopping Project

You are a Winner Spreadsheet

Money in My Pocket Spreadsheet and Formulas

Comparing Prices of Dream Cars Project


WEEK 4 - Paint Program

The Sweep Activity

Name Creation Activity

Another Name Design Activity

Calligraphic Brush Drawing

*Design “your own” Company Logo


Week 5 – Internet

Net Wise-Just what do you know about the Internet (Project 3)




Conducting an Online Survey

Web-based Calendars


Week 6 - Publisher


*Design Your Own Business Card – Use Your Own Company Logo

Computer Devices – Internet Search

Security and Ethics Product – Using Publisher

Mingling Online - Chatroom Safety Brochure

Who’s Watching You Surf? – Informational Flyer


Week 7 – Tables

Surfing the Net (Project 4)

Search Engines – Scavenger Hunt (Project 5)


Week 8 – Powerpoint

Mock Television Commercials

Creating Your Career Slide Show


Week 9 – Database (Access)

Freeware Database-Teams of two

25 Most Wanted Music CD’s Project


Weeks 10-13 – Webpage Design

*Build a Webpage for your Business.  (Be sure to include your Company Logo on your website.


Week 14 & 15 – Hyperlinks, Internet, Word Processing, Draw/Paint, Digital Camera, Scanner

Academic Digital Portfolio


Final Exam – Week 16 & 17


Buying a Computer Project (Do Rubric)

Writing Around the Room

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