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Writing Around the Room

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As a member of the Journalism Club, you volunteered to obtain writing from a number of students in the school for publication in the school newspaper.  You decide to use a write-around technique.  The newspaper will end up with stories written by ten or more students, working as a team.


You will: 

     Compose a story

     Insert footnotes

     Use the “Help” feature

     Check spelling and grammar

     Edit story

     Insert headers and footers

     Illustrate with graphics

     Create a watermark


Step 1:


1.     Brainstorm at your computer with a make up paragraph of anything silly that comes to your mind.  (Remember, it must be school appropriate.) 

2.     When you have completed a few sentences or when your teacher tells you to stop, insert a footnote containing your first and last name at the end of the paragraph.  (If you need help with footnotes, use your software’s Help feature and your word processor to write the steps for inserting footnotes.) 

3.     Save the file as 1-1.


Step 2:


1.     Now it is time to move to your neighbor’s computer.

2.     Read what has been written so far.

3.     Begin a new paragraph, and continue the story.

4.     At the designated time or when your teacher tells you, insert a footnote containing your name at the end of the paragraph and resave the story. 

5.     Continue writing at different computers; until your teacher tells you to stop.