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Accounting Hints
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Accounting Hints!



2. Do your homework.

3. There will be no Internet access until the Chapter is completed and the test is passed with a B or better.

4. Study for the test at least on or the night before the test…..not the second the test is to begin.

5. Do not swear in class or call people names.

6. If you are having a problem with a specific concept, chapter, journal, etc….and in class time does not sufficiently meet your needs; make arrangements to spend time with Mrs. Ley before school, at lunch, after school, or at any other time that might be compatible.

7. Follow the accounting steps in the EXACT order. Do NOT jump around or skip any calculations. (Don't assume that because one column adds up to a certain sum, that the other column is going to be the same.)

8. Come to class prepared! Bring all that you will need……text, workbook, calculator, pencil, pen, and any additional supplies that you feel would be beneficial to you. SAVE all worksheets in your workbook, even if we do not use them immediately. Chances are that you'll need them later on.

9. Remember that with Accounting, you can't just memorize for a test like you can some of your other classes. It's really important to understand the procedure as a whole. There's no T/F answer on a problem test. If you don't understand something……it's important to do it over and over again until it "CLICKS."

10. Please treat each other with respect and follow the classroom rules.


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