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What is E-Mail?

E-Mail, which is short for electronic mail, is essentially any document sent from one person's computer to another. E-Mail can take on the form of a letter, a large document, or a file (such as a graphic or computer program). There are several benefits to using e-mail in lieu of your local postal service. For starters, there is no cost for sending an e-mail message (excluding any fees for Internet access). This holds true even for international e-mail. Compared to long-distance telephone charges, e-mail can provide an attractive alternative to the telephone for keeping in touch with far-away friends or associates.

Another advantage to e-mail is the fact that you can send and receive your e-mail from anywhere in the world. You simply have to have a computer and a telephone connection, and you can dial up your e-mail provider and download all of your e-mail in just a couple of minutes. This feature can provide people who travel often with a permanent address. Another obvious feature of e-mail is that it can cut down on the amount of paper used. Not only does this save trees, but it also can keep your important documents better organized.

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