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Terms Word Lesson 5


Chapter 2 - Lesson 5 Terms

Exercise 33

Mail merge - A process that inserts variable data into a standardized document to produce a personalized or customized document.

Main document - The document containing the standardized text that will be printed on all documents.

Data source - The document containing the variable data that will be inserted during the merge.

Merge document - The customized document resulting form a merge.

Merge field - A placeholder in the main document that marks where and what will be inserted from the data source document.

Header row - The first row in a table. In a data source document, the header row contains the merge field names.

Field - One item of variable data, such as a first name, a last name, or a ZIP Code.

Record - A collection of variable data about one person or thing. In a form letter merge for example, each record contains variable data for each person receiving the letter: first name, last name, address, city, state, and ZIP Code.

Data Form - A dialog box used to enter merge field data.

Exercise 34

Database - A file used to store records of data.

Access table - An object organized in rows and columns and used to store data in an Access database.

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