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Terms Word Lesson 4

Chapter 2-Lesson 4 Terms

Exercise 28

Table - A grid comprised of horizontal rows and vertical columns into which you can enter data.

Column - A vertical series of cells in a table.

Row - Markers on the horizontal ruler that indicate column borders.

Border - A line drawn around the edges of an element, such as a table or a table cell. Borders can also be drawn around paragraphs and pages.

Gridlines - Nonprinting lines that can be displayed around cells in a table.

End of row/cell marks - Nonprinting character used to mark the end of a cell or a row in a table.

Cell - The rectangular area at the intersection of a column and a row in a table, into which you enter data.

Exercise 29

Column width - The width of a column in a table, measured in inches.

Row height - The height of a row in a table, measured in inches.

Exercise 30

Merge - Combine multiple adjacent cells together to create one large cell.

Split - Divide one cell into multiple cells, either vertically to create columns or horizontally to create rows.

Exercise 31

Spreadsheet - An application used for setting up mathematical calculations, such as Microsoft's Excel.

Function - A built-in formula for performing calculations, such as addition, in a table.

Formula - A mathematical equation.

Field - A placeholder used to insert information that changes, such as the date, the time, a page number, or the results of a calculation.
Line style - The appearance of a line.

Line weight - The thickness of a line.

Shading - A color or pattern used to fill the background of a cell.

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