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Terms Word Lesson 3

Chapter 2-Lesson 3 Terms

Exercise 18

Horizontal alignment - The position of text in relation to the left and right page margins.

Flush - Lined up evenly along an edge.

Vertical alignment - The position of text in relation to the top and bottom page margins.

Exercise 19

Font - A complete set of characters in a specific face, style, and size.

Font face - The character design of a font set.

Serif - A font face that has curved or extended edges.

Sans Serif - A font face that has straight edges.

Script - A font face that looks like handwriting.

Font size - The height of an uppercase letter in a font set.

Font style - The slant and weight of characters in a font set.

Exercise 20

Font effects - Formatting features used to enhance or emphasize text.

Text effects - Effects used to animate text on-screen.

Exercise 21

Symbol - A character that is not included on keyboard.

Exercise 22

Bullet - A dot or symbol that marks an important line of information or designates items in a list.

Sort - To organize items into a specified order.

Exercise 23

Line spacing - The amount of white space between lines of text in a paragraph.

Leading - Line spacing measure in points.

Paragraph spacing - The amount of white space between paragraphs.

Indent - A temporary left and/or right margin for lines or paragraphs.

Exercise 24

Gutter - Space added to the margin to leave room for binding.

Margins - The amount of white space between the text and the edge of the page on all four sides.

Section - In Word, a segment of a document defined by a section break. A section may have different page formatting from the rest of the document.

Exercise 25

Hyperlink - Text or graphics linked to a destination file or location. Click the link to jump to the destination.

Hyperlink destination - The location displayed when the hyperlink is clicked.

Hyperlink source - The document where the hyperlink is inserted.

Bookmark - A nonprinting character that you insert and name so that you can quicikly find a particular location in a document.

Hypertext - Text formatting as a hyperlink.

Exercise 26

Home page - The main page in a Web site, which usually provides general information and links to other pages in the site.

Template - A Word document on which new documents are based. Templates include formatting settings, text, and graphics used to create the new document.

Graphics object - A picture, chart, shape, or other element that can be inserted into a Word document.

Clip art - Picture files that can be inserted into a document.

Background - The color, pattern, or fill displayed on the page behind data in a document.

Fill effect - A texture, shading, picture, or pattern used as a background.

Theme - A collection of formatting setting applied to a document.

Web bullets - Graphics files inserted as bullet markers.

Graphics lines - Graphics files inserted as horizontal rules or dividers.

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