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Workbook- An Excel file with one or more worksheets

Workbook- An Excel file with one or more worksheets.


Worksheet- The work area for calculating data made up of columns and rows separated by gridlines.


Cell- A cell is the intersection of a column and a row and a worksheet.


Active cell- The active call contains the cell pointer.


Formula bar- As you enter data into a cell, it simultaneously appears in the formula bar, which is located above the worksheet frame.


Cell reference- The location of a cell in a worksheet identified by the column letter and row number.


Scroll- The way to view locations on the worksheet without changing the active cell.


Blank workbook- The Excel default workbook contains three worksheet tabs or sheets.


Label- A text entry in a cell.


Defaults- The standard settings Excel uses in its software, such as column width or number of pages in a workbook.


AutoComplete- A feature used to complete an entry based on previous entries made in the column containing the active cell.


Pick From List- A shortcut used to insert repeated information.


AutoCorrect- A feature used to automate the correction of frequently typed errors.


Undo- The command used to reverse one or a series of editing actions.


Redo- The command used to repeat an undo action.


Spelling checker- A tool used to assist you in correcting typographical errors.


Value- A number entered on the worksheet.


Numeric label- A number entered in the worksheet as a label, not as a value.


Label prefix- An apostrophe () used to indicate that a number should be used as a numeric label.


Standard column width- The default number of characters that display in a column based on the standard font.

Source file- The file that contains the data to be copied.


Destination file- The file that receives the data.


Drag-and-drop- A method to move or copy a range of cells by dragging the border of a selection from one location in a worksheet and dropping it in another.


Internet- A world-wide network of computers located in businesses, research foundations, schools, and/or homes that allows users to share and search for information.



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