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Now that you've mastered important techniques for searching and surfing the Internet, the following is a scavenger hunt in which you will use your new skills on the Internet to answer the following questions. Be sure to use Boolean operators to refine your searches. Include the URL (Universal Resource Locator) in your answers. Name:

Class: Semester: Marking Period: Week:

1. What is the five-day weather forecast for our area?

2. What is the weather like in Sydney Australia today?

3. Find out the names of four superintendents in Saginaw county schools. Include the school district in your answer.

4. Find the recipe and calories for your favorite dish. (Highlight, copy, and paste it into your word program and print and attach a copy.)

5. Find the URL of one site that offers a free JAVA script tutorial.

6. Find the URL of one site that offers free A+ certification information.

7. Find and print a job that interests you from the Detroit Free Press.

8. Find and print out your dream car.

9. Name three sites that offer free e-mail services.

10. What are the ingredients in a cobb salad? (Highlight, copy, and paste it into your word program and print and attach a copy.)

11. How much would it cost to stay a night at one of the resorts at Walt Disney World? (give resort name and rate)

12. What year was BPA (Business Professionals of America) officially called BPA with the current emblem, logo, and colors?

13. Name three business partners for BPA.

14. Name an event that took place on your birthday.

15. Name the URL for Central Michigan University.

16. List the URL of one web site you found that you really like and why.

17. Find a web site about your favorite animal. Write down the URL and the type of animal it is about.

18. Print out and turn in a picture you find that you like.

19. How many calories are in a Big Mac?

20. What is this week's pick for software at

21. Build your ultimate PC at or another computer site and print out the specs and attach.

22. Name three search engines.

23. What show is on channel 28 at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning?

24. What is Bill Gates worth monetarily?

25. Find and print a cartoon from the web. I will display the funniest ones in the room.

Hope you had fun with this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me at Have a good week end! Mrs. Ley