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Receiving E-Mail

Once you receive an e-mail message, there are a few things that you can do with it. First, you could reply to the message. When you choose this option, your e-mail program will usually quote the sender's message (preceeding each line with a special character, usually ">"). This is done so that once you send your reply back, the original sender will know exactly what it is that you are replying to. An e-mail reply is only sent to the person in the From: line of the e-mail message.

You may also forward an e-mail message to another Internet user. This simply sends a copy of the message to another person. Finally, you can just delete (or erase) any messages that you do not see any need in keeping (junk mail, etc.). If you receive any e-mail that you feel is inappropriate (harassment, threats, obscene, etc.), you may wish to forward a copy of that message to the sender's Internet provider. This can be accomplished by sending the message to either of the following addresses (where is the part of the address after the @ symbol of the sender's e-mail address):

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