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PowerPoint Assignment - 100 points


Based on your topic, create a colorful PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides.  As you write, remember:  Be Brief!  In a presentation, short phrases are preferred over complete sentences.  You want the screen to show only the main points while you, the presenter, fill in the details.

 Apply a design that ties your slides together.  (Please do not use a design that takes a long time to come on screen.)

 Use at least three different slide layouts.

Change background color on a few slides.

 Use Custom animation transitions, builds, and dimming, all of these  to hold your audiences attention.

 Transitions are done in Slide Sorter View, or in Normal View | Slide show menu | Slide Transition

 Builds are done in Slide Sorter View, or in Normal View | Slide show menu | Custom Animation

Dimming: You must be in Normal View, click the Slide Show menu, then click Custom Animation.  Using the Order & Timing tab, select the part(s) of the slide that you want to animate and the order you want them to appear.  I do not recommend animating the title.

Using the Effects tab, chose a color for the dimming effect.  Chose whether you want the text to appear together under 1st level paragraphs, or if you want each sub-level of bullets to appear separately.

When using sounds, be aware of the amount of storage space that they are going to take up.  Keep them to a minimum. 

Insert a scanned or digital photo, a picture from the Internet, a table, graph, or drawing.  You may use clip art also, but have at least one of the above.  Also, use WordArt to enhance one slide's title.

Include on-screen documentation of any Internet picture, at least the web address.

Make a notes page, including information not on the slides, designed to help you as if you were giving an actual presentation.

 Print the Notes page.

Spell-check and proofread.  Points will be deducted for misspelled words.

Make a list (using MSWord2000) of at least 25 Power Point features that you used as you created the presentation.


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