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1. Use a 1.5 inch top margin and 1.25 inch side margins.

2. Type along the left margin to produce a block style letter with mixed punctuation.....or you may
design your own letterhead paper.

3. Type along the left margin:
Your home address
Your city, state and zip
Today's date

4. Go down 4 returns

5. Type along the left margin:
Inside address (where letter is to be mailed)

6. Down 2 returns

7. Type along left margin:
Dear Mr./Mrs. xxxxxxxxxx:

8. Down 2 returns

9. Subject: (Example: Clerical Position

10. Type in body of the letter (at least three paragraphs: introduction, body, and closing). There are
2 returns between paragraphs.

In paragraph one - Thank-you and positive comments about the interview

In paragraph two - Emphasize strengths

In paragraph three - Continued interest and additional reasons for hiring

11. Down 2 returns

12. Type along left margin:
Closing, (ie. Sincerely yours, Cordially yours, etc.)

13. Down 4 returns

14. Your Name

15. Down 2 returns

16. Enclosure Notation (If you are including anything with your letter.)

Tamara M. Ley
Cooperative Education Director
Frankenmuth High School
525 E. Genesee
Frankenmuth, MI 48734
(989) 652-9955