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Based on one university’s experience with hackers:

“Some 4,500 students at well known university had their email passwords stolen over a three week period. Hackers broke into the school's security system and then managed to avoid detection for three weeks.

School officials said the information they gained provided them access to the contents of all the 4,500 email. 

A flaw in the computer security allowed the hackers to gain access to so many accounts before they were discovered. The intruders happened to enter the system on one of the computers that was especially vulnerable. The hackers, believed to be working from outside the country.

The data-stealing software intercepts passwords as users are logging on. The school is now stepping up efforts to install the security software and has started running more frequent checks to prevent future break-ins from going undetected for so long.” 

This universities experience with hacking is not an isolated incident. Not only are large corporations or institutions affected by hacking but individuals are as well. Now let's learn more about hacking...


The following NNKOL videos will provide more information on Hackers and Firewalls.


Reminder: Hacking should not be taken lightly! Make sure your firewall system is kept up to date by keeping up with changes in security issues and be prepared to upgrade or make changes when needed. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.


Answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
Refer to the NNKOL videos or the websites in Resources if you need help.

  1. Visit and list two important rules of thumb when dealing with a potential hacker.





  1. What is the purpose of encryption?





  1. Describe how firewalls work to protect your computer.








  1. Home-based computers are not as vulnerable to a hack attack as a large corporate office.


        a. True

        b. False



  1. When it comes to protecting your computer and the information on it, list the three most important things that you can do.








6. List one advantage and disadvantage to installing firewall hardware:





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