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1. Use a 1.5 inch top margin and 1.25 inch side margins.

2. Type along the left margin to produce a block style letter with mixed punctuation.....or you may design your own letterhead paper.

3. Type along the left margin:
Your home address
Your city, state and zip
Today's date

4. Go down 4 returns

5. Type along the left margin:
Inside address (where letter is to be mailed)

6. Down 2 returns

7. Type along left margin:
Dear Mr./Mrs. xxxxxxxxxx:

8. Down 2 returns

9. Subject: (Example: Application for Clerical Position)

10. Type in body of the letter (at least three paragraphs: introduction, body, and closing). There are 2 returns between paragraphs.

In paragraph one, tell why you're writing and how you found out about the job.

In paragraph two, explain why you think you're qualified. Use PROOF BY EXAMPLE.

In paragraph three, ask for the interview and give information as to how they can reach you.

Where you feel it is most appropriate, let the reader know that you're enclosing a copy of your resume.

11. Down 2 returns

12. Type along left margin:
Closing, (ie. Sincerely yours, Cordially yours, etc.)

13. Down 4 returns

14. Your Name

15. Down 2 returns

16. Enclosure Notation (Hopefully, you've indicated in the body of the letter that you are enclosing a copy of your resume.)

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