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Complaint Letter Sample 2 | Complaint Letter Sample
Complaint Letter Sample
7600 Osborne Drive

7600 Illness Drive

Unhealthyville, MI  48446

October 5, 2000




Mrs. Vickie Sickly, PCS

4817 E. Professional Drive

Bayville, MI  48006


Dear Mrs. Sickly:


It is with sincere regret that I feel I must write this letter to you regarding the unprofessional and discourteous treatment I and other patients are receiving from certain staff members at the Shot In The Arm Medical Center. 


Given my allergies, I am required to receive two allergy shots each week.  It is, of course, an inconvenience; however, what has really made it unpleasant is the unaccommodating and impolite treatment I have received from certain staff members at Shot In The Arm Medical Center.  When I call to check on whether or not it would be a good time for me to come in, particular staff members have been brusque and impolite.  Upon my arrival and during my visits for shots, their annoyed and standoffish mannerisms have made me feel like I am a nuisance.  In fact, one of the nurses told me that I am their last priority and that she really didnt care how long I had to wait.  In addition, another woman slammed the phone in my ear because I asked for her name after she sighed when I told her who was calling and then she snarled at me that I might just as well forget about the idea of coming in because they were too busy to be bothered with my allergy shots.  This occurred mid-afternoon, Friday, September 29 and was like the straw that broke the camels back.  For two weeks I had been calling each afternoon asking if I could get my shots and was always told that they were too busy.  I am now forced to have to go through all the tests again in order to start my shots back up.  Rest assured that I will not ask the nurses at Shot In The Arm Medical Center to go out of their way to assist me in this matter again. 


I have always been polite and courteous to each and every person on staff at Shot In The Arm Medical Center.  I feel this type of behavior on their part is completely unwarranted and unethical for persons in any business setting and especially a health care agency.  The only reason that I will continue to go to this particular clinic is because of Dr. Sharpo Needle.  He has always gone out of his way to be of utmost help in any given situation.  I wholeheartedly respect his demeanor and his medical attention.   He is definitely the best in his profession.  Our family has been blessed to have Dr. Needle as our family physician.


In conclusion, may I suggest that particular employees be provided training on how to appropriately deal with patients.  I would also like to add my heartfelt thanks to the members on staff who have always been very cordial and a pleasure to interact with.  I know that they know who they are and they also know who meets the criteria listed above.


If you have any questions or if I can be of assistance in any way regarding this matter, please feel free to call me at (517) 652-9955 during the day or at (517) 871-9689 after 4 p.m.  My email address is   Your understanding and compassion regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. 






Dusty Allergy


cc:  Dr. Sharpo Needle

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