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Filing Rules

The following filing rules coincide with your lessons in the "Business Skills and Improvement Exercises" book.

Filing Rules
Exercise 3: Indexing the names of persons pg. 5
(1) The last name is the first unit. (2) The first name or initial is the second unit. (3) The middle name or initial is last unit.
Use a cross-reference for unusual names or for papers that might be filed in one or more place.

Exercise 5: Put numbers in order for filing pg. 11
Numbers are in consecutive order from front to back.

Exercise 11: Index the names of business for filing pg. 27
Business names are indexed and filed the same way they are written. The name of a person within a business is also indexed as written.

Exercise 19: To index business names with symbols and certain parts of speech for filing pg. 47
If THE is the first word in a business name, put THE as the last indexing unit.
Index prepositions (in, at, with, on, for, of, out etc.); conjunctions (and or); and articles (a, an) as they are used in the name.
Use the word that the symbol stands for in place of the symbol.

Exercise 30: Index names with certain punctuation marks for filing pg. 77
Commas, periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and parentheses are not used in indexing names of a person or a business.

Exercise 33: Index single letters and abbreviations in personal and business names for filing.
An initial in a personal name is indexed as a separate unit. Abbreviations of personal names and brief personal names are indexed as written.
Single letters in business names are indexed as written. If there is a space between single letters, index each letter as a separate unit.
An acronym is a word made up of the initials of other words. (FHS = Frankenmuth High School) These are indexed as one unit. Abbreviations (Y.M.C.A.) are indexed as one unit, with or without spaces or periods.
Radio and TV station call letters are indexed as one unit.

Exercise 44:To index titles in a personal and business name for filing pg. 115
A title (Ms. Mrs.) is the last indexing unit when used with a personal name. Seniority title (11, Jr.) is also last indexing unit. Numeric titles (II, III) are filed before alphabetic titles (Jr. Sr.). Professional titles (P.H.D., M.D.) are also the last unites. Royal and religious titles are also indexed last and as written.

Exercise 56: Index the names of married women and the names of persons and business with foreign spelling for filing pg. 147
A married women's name is indexed and filed as written.

Articles and particles are indexed as one unit. Example: De La Rue = Delarue

Exercise 59: Index identical names of persons or business for filing pg. 157
If identical, use cities next. Then, index states or provinces, street names, house or building numbers in that order.

Exercise 69: Index numbers in business names for filing.
Numbers spelled out in a business name are indexed as written. Numbers written in number for are indexed as one unit. Names with numbers in first unit are indexed before alphabetic units. Arabic (1, 2, 3...) are filed before roman numerals (I, II, III...)
Inclusive numbers (55-59) are indexed by the first number only (55). Names with numbers coming after the first unit are filed alphabetically before a name without a number.

Exercise 79: Index names of organizations and institutes for filing. pg. 205
Names of organizations and institutes are indexed and filed the same way as shown on the company letterhead. If THE is part of the letterhead use THE as the last filing unit.
When a single word in a business name have two or more parts index the parts as separate units.
If a name has to compass directions with a space between them each compass direction is separate unit in indexing, however NORTH-WEST and NORTHWEST are indexed as one unit.

Exercise 91: Index hyphenated names and compound names for filing pg. 235
The name of a person separated with a hyphen is indexed as one unit. The hyphen is not used. The name of the business or place separated with hyphens is indexed as one unit. The hyphen is not used.
A compound name has two words. If a space comes between them there are 2 indexing units. Although ST. MARKS is a compound name, ST. is a word beginning thus being one indexing unit. Compound business or place names with spaces between them are separate indexing units.

Exercise 95: Government names for filing pg. 245
The name of a federal government agency is indexed by the name of the government unit followed by the name of the office, bureau, department, etc. as written. The words OFFICE OF, DEPARTMENT OF, BUREAU OF, etc. are added only if needed for better understanding. The words are kept if they are already part of the name. They are indexed as separate units.